Nissan Pulsar 1.5LTurbo Coupe Genuine Bosch Replacement injectors

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A set of 4 (four) brand new genuine Bosch 0 280150368 Fuel injectors to fit Nissan Pulsar 1.5L Turbo Coupe (N12) fitted with E15T engine.
These are brand new, Genuine sealed Bosch fuel injectors that will replace your tired originals and restore proper fueling to the engine of your classic car.
These nickel plated injectors are drop in Items that use secure hose clips (provided) for a fuel rail fitment.
These injectors Replace Bosch 0 280 150 152 (Nissan Part Number 16603 17M01 or 16603 17M00).

Nissan Pulsar 1.5LTurbo Coupe 85KW 08/1983 – 05/1986

Official Bosch Data.


Technical information for Bosch 0 280 150 368
Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 200,7 g/min (270cc)
Resistance 2.4 Ohm (low impedance)
Official Bosch Data
Static Flow 259cc @ 3bar ( CH20v3 Test Medium )
Static Flow 268cc @ 3bar ( With Petrol is Right in the middle of the two )
Static Flow 278cc @ 3bar ( N-Heptain Test Medium )
Reference OE/OEM Number: 16603 17M01, 16603 17M00, 16603 D5600

Usage list
Nissan Pulsar 1.5LTurbo Coupe 85KW 08/1983 – 05/1986