NEW and Genuine Bosch Fuel Injectors for VW Polo Typ 86C , Classic, Coupe , VW Golf II 1.3L,VW Jetta 1.3L replacement for Bosch 0280150719 , VW 030 906 031 A

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For sale, a set of 4 ( you get 4 injectors ) NEW and Genuine Bosch fuel injectors to fit little VW Polo Typ 86C, Classic , VW Polo Coupe 1.3 , VW Golf II 1.3L , VW Jetta 1.3L

These are not Chinese Fakes or Replicas or Third party Licensed , Not re-manufactured , or reconditioned.

These are brand NEW Genuine  Bosch fuel injectors  in its original packaging that will replace your tired originals and restore proper fueling to the engine of your classic car.

The injectors share identical characteristics as VW originals

These are Genuine Bosch EV1 Replace Bosch No: 0280150721 ( 030 906 031 B )

Bosch 0280150771
Designation Injector, gasoline
Type formula EV-1.3A
Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 116.3 g/min ( 166cc/min )
Resistance 15,9 Ohm