New And Genuine Bosch Fuel Injectors for FORD Fiesta Ford Ka 1.3i, Ford Fiesta IV 1.3i engine Bosch 0280150997 , Ford 97BF-BA , 97BF-9F593-BA

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For sale is one set of 4 ( YOU GET four INJECTORS ) brand new Genuine Bosch Fuel Injectors to fit Ford’s fuel injected Endura-E 1.3L engines   see the List of actual Ford Models below.

These are not Chinese Fakes or Replicas or Third party licensed , Not re-manufactured , or reconditioned.
This are brand NEW TOP quality Genuine Bosch ( FORD ) Fuel Injectors ready for shipping to replace your old tired originals.

FORD KA MK1 1.3i Endura-E 1299 cm³ ( early years )
FORD Fiesta 1.3i Endura-E 1299 cm³ Mk4 11.1995 – 12.2002 37KW-44KW 

Fiesta 1.3i Courier Endura-E 1299 cm³ Mk4 11.1995 – 12.2002 44KW

Technical Information 0280150997   Injector, gasoline

Part number0280150997
DesignationInjector, gasoline
Type formulaEV-1.3C
Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane79.1 g/min ( 112cc/min )
Total resistance15,9 Ohm