New and Genuine Bosch Ford Scorpio BOA Cosworth 24V upgrade Fuel injectors 0280 150 972

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For sale is a set of six ( 6 ) Brand New and Genuine Bosch ( Ford ) fuel injectors to fit the Ford Cosworth BOA engine.
These are not Chinese Fakes or Replicas or Third-party licenced, Not re-manufactured, or reconditioned.
You will get a set of six Brand shinny New 100% Genuine Bosch injectors in its original packaging.

These Ford branded Higher flowing upgrade injectors are a fantastic replacement for the BOA Green 770 originals.
You get a more modern factory nickel plated injector sporting 4 hole discharge orifice for superb atomization they will add 20% more fuel, if properly tuned it’s enough to push your engine to 260HP +

Please note these will not work in BOB engine !


FITS FORD SCORPIO / GRANADA 2.9L 24V 143KW 04/1991 – 09/1994

Technical Information for 0280 150 972-Injector, gasoline
Description Value
Part number 0280150972
Designation Injector, gasoline
Type formula EV-1-C
Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 175,2 g/min ( 251.5 cc/min )
Total resistance 15,95 Ohm