Genuine Bosch Upgrade injectors for BMW E36 M3 EVO S30B32 Replacement for Bosch 0280150792 BMW 13 64 1 405 044

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Quick overview

Official Bosch Data.
Technical information for 0 280 150 988 injector
Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 187 g/min, 267cc/min.
Total resistance 14.5 Ohm


For sale a set of 6 Brand New and Genuine  Bosch fuel injectors to fit  BMW E36 M3 S30B32  engine.

These are not Chinese Fakes or Replicas or Third party Licenced , Not re-manufactured , or reconditioned.
These are brand NEW Genuine Factory Nickel Plated Bosch  fuel injectors  in its original packaging that will replace your tired originals
and restore proper fuelling to the engine of your classic M power car.
The injectors share identical characteristics as originals the difference is in 4 hole discharge orifice that provides far better
fuel atomization and spray pattern than originals.

This set will Replace the original  Bosch 0280150792 blue injectors  ( BMW 13 64 1 405 044 )


Additional information

Flow rate

191,1 g/min (273 cc/min)

Resistance (Ohm)

15,90 Ohm