Genuine Bosch Upgrade Fuel Injectors BMW E32 V8 730i 740i, E34 V8 530i , 540i Replacement For Bosch 0280150778


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For sale a set of 8 Genuine Bosch Fuel injectors .

These Genuine Bosch top quality four hole fuel injectors will be ideal choice when upgrading your fuel system giving much better spray atomization over the original injectors.

To be used in M60B30, and M60B40 engines.

Replace Bosch 0280150778 or Lucas


Part number 0280150943

Designation Injector, gasoline

Type formula EV1.3C

Static Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 150 g/min ( 214cc/min )

Resistance 14.5 Ohm