Genuine Bosch Brand New Fuel Injectors for FIAT UNO I i.e Turbo Replacement for Bosch 0280150708 , FIAT Part Number 7542052

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Quick overview

Top quality Genuine Bosch Replacement Product For Bosch 0280150708 Fiat Part Number 7542052


For sale one set of four (4) genuine Bosch brand New Replacement + upgrade Fuel Injectors to fit FIAT UNO TURBO Mk I First Series

• FIAT UNO 1.3 TURBO i.e              74KW  09.1989 – 03.1991  engine No: 146 A 2.246

• FIAT UNO TURBO i.e                    73.5KW  10.1987 – 08.1989 engine No: 146 A 2.246

• FIAT UNO TURBO i.e                     77KW       04.1985 – 08.1989 engine No: 146 A 2.000

These are not Chinese fakes or Replicas , Not re-manufactured , or reconditioned.

These are brand new, Top quality Genuine Bosch Injectors adapted to be used with a fuel hose.

The injectors have 100% identical Flow Characteristics as Bosch 0280150708

the big difference come from a four hole discharge orifice ( instead of needle type  ) which gives much better fuel atomization

A perfect 4 hole upgrade that will replace your tired originals and improve fueling of your Turbo UNO engine.

Part number



Injector, gasoline

Flow rate at 3 bar/min,

116g/min ( 166cc/min )


14,5 Ohm

Replaces Bosch 0280150708,   FIAT Part Number: 7542052