Genuine Bosch ( BMW ) Upgrade Fuel Injectors For BMW Motorcycle K1, K100RS, K1100,K1200 Bosch 0280150415

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Quick overview

Part number0280150415
DesignationInjector, gasoline
Production discontinuation07/2010
Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane120,4 g/min ( 172cc/min )
Total resistance15,90 Ohm



For sale a set of 4 genuine Bosch Upgrade Fuel injectors to fit   BMW  four cylinder 4 valve motorcycle engines
BMW K1, K100RS, K1100, K1200RS these will replace original single pintle type.
The main upgrade feature of these injectors over the originals 0280150210, 0280150705 and 0280150716 

 is a dual split four hole V shaped spray pattern ( see the pictures )

The fuel flow and ohms is almost the same as the original ones .
A lot has been discussed in the forums about the benefits   , this is “tried and tested” upgrade  .
These injectors will also work great in 2V version as the narrow spray pattern and shorter distance
from the tip of injector to intake valve sprays just at the back of the intake valve.



Additional information

Flow rate

120,4 g/min

Resistance (Ohm)

15,90 Ohm