Genuine Bosch 260cc injectors For Ford Fiesta RS Turbo, 1800 Zetec Replacement FOR Bosch 0280150701

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Technical Information for: 0 280 150 988-Injector, gasoline
Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 187 g/min (267 cc/min)
Resistance 14,5 Ohm



For sale one set of four ( 4 pieces )  Brand NEW Genuine  Bosch fuel injectors to fit  RS Turbo, and Zetec Turbo FORD Classics

Will fit a stage 2 (195 Chip) Turbo Upgrades applications.

Its a well documented upgrades for the RS Turbo, and Zetec Turbo (and not ONLY), with the correct chip they will bring your power up to 180HP.

These are not Chinese Fakes or Replicas or Third party licenced , Not re-manufactured , or reconditioned.

You Are Looking At Top Quality Genuine Original Bosch Product an upgrade for Beige Bosch 0280150701

Sporting a four hole discharge orifice  for superb fuel atomization .A perfect 4 hole injector upgrade that will greatly improve fuelling of your engine .

These These factory nickel plated injectors ,  perfect drop-in 260cc injectors for your classic Ford 

Additional information

Flow rate

184,8g/min, 264cc/min

Resistance (Ohm)

14,5 Ohm