Genuine Bosch 0280150947 Turbo 260cc injectors Ford Fiesta RS Turbo, 1800 Zetec replacement for Bosch 0280150701

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Quick overview


For sale is a set of 4 professionally reconditioned Bosch fuel injectors to fit a stage 3 (195 Chip) Turbo Upgrades.

It’s a well-documented upgrade for the RS Turbo, and Zetec Turbo ( and not ONLY ), with the correct chip they will bring your power to 180HP+
These can also be used in any engine where 701/712/761 were originally fitted it’s a simple plug and play swap.

These excellent Ford injectors are in the same flow category as Bosch 0280150701 ( Aka beige 701s )
The advantage of these injectors is an orifice plate with 4 discharge holes for superior fuel atomization than single pintle injectors like 701

Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 187,5 g (268cc)
Resistance 14,5 Ohm