0 280 150 400 Bosch fuel injectors/ Ford Sierra Cosworth, Ford Escort Cosworth Bosch Light Blue Turbo Injectors

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A set of 4 Fully reconditioned Bosch fuel injectors 0280150400 to fit Ford Cosworth YB series engine.
These are so called light blue injectors used for power output of up to 400-420HP.

These injectors is a rare wide barrel version which provides excellent seal a special o-ring retainer is used to hold lower o-ring in place a particular caution needs to be exercised as not to damage
pintle needles when installing. Two upper O-rings used for extra seal but even one will provide leak free seal between injector and rail (tested at 5 bar).
There is a lot of different data available on the net regarding the true fuel flow of these injectors (and many others).

Technical Information for: 0 280 150 400-Injector, gasoline
Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 367,5 g/min (525 cc/min)
Resistance 2,25 Ohm

Please Note This Is LOW IMPEDANCE injectors !

Additional information

Resistance (Ohm)

2,25 Ohm

Flow rate

367,5 g/min (525 cc/min)