Ford Scorpio Cosworth 2.9L 24V Upgrade Bosch ( Ford ) Fuel injectors For Bosch 0280150770

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A set of 6 Fully reconditioned, ultrasonically cleaned Bosch 0280150943  fuel injectors to fit Ford Scorpio BOA Cosworth 24V engine.

These upgrade injectors are meant to replace the original Green 770s injectors with more modern Ford ( Bosch ) Disc type with 4 hole discharge orifice for superb atomization.
Please note these will not work in BOB engine !

Technical Information for: 0 280 150 943 -Injector, gasoline
Type formula EV1.3C
Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 150 g/min (215 cc/min)
Resistance 14,5 Ohm

The injectors are fully reconditioned, flow matched and ready to go.

Additional information

Resistance (Ohm)

15,95 Ohm

Flow rate

160g/min (229 cc/min)