Brand NEW Upgrade Bosch Fuel Injectors for BMW K75 Motorcycle Replacement For Bosch 0280150210 BMW Part Number 13641460450

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Technical information for280150987
Bosch Number 0280150987
Designation Injector, gasoline
Type formula EV-1-C
Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 116.5 g/min (166cc/min)
Total resistance 14,50 Ohm


A set of 3 genuine and brand NEW Bosch 0 280 150 987 Upgrade Fuel injectors to fit both two and four valve motorcycle engines of BMW K75 (K569 Type) these will replace original single pintle type injectors.
Brand New Genuine Bosch Top Quality Product In its original Bosch Packaging.
The main upgrade feature of these injectors over the originals (0 280 150 210) is a four hole discharge Orifice which offers much better fuel atomization and a perfect spray pattern.
The fuel flow is the same as the original items.
A lot has been discussed in the forums about the benefits, this is “tried and tested” plug&play upgrade and you will not be disappointed!


These Will Fit All Versions of K75 Versions.
Replaces BMW Part Numbers 13641460450
Bosch Part Numbers 0 280 150 210