Brand new and Genuine Upgrade Bosch Fuel Injectors for VW Polo Coupe G40 PY replacement for 0280150721

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For sale, a set of 4 Brand new and genuine Bosch fuel injectors to fit little pocket rocket VW Polo Coupe G40 with PY engine.

This is a simple plug & play upgrade to a 4 hole nozzle type that will greatly improve atomization over the original pintle needle Items.


These are Genuine Bosch EV1 Replace Bosch No: 0280150721 ( 030 906 031 B )

Independent aftermarket part (IAM)

Designation Injector, gasoline
Production discontinuation 07/2010
Type formula EV-1.3C
Original equipment 0280150953

Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 147.2 g/min ( 210cc/min )
Resistance 15,90 Ohm