Bosch EV6 Ethanol E85 Fuel Injectors BMW E34 M5 3.6L , E36 M3 3.0L , 3.2L replacement for 0280150701


Quick overvew

For sale a set of 6 Genuine Bosch EV6 upgrade Fuel injectors to be used with E85 ethanol Fuel .
These Genuine Bosch top quality fuel injectors will be ideal choice when upgrading your fuel system
to run on ethanol fuel ( E85 ) To be used in S50B30/B32, and S38B36 M power engines.

These will add at least 30%+ extra fuel over your originals ( Bosch 0280150701, 0280150792 )

Please Note:

We only sell the injectors!
YOUR BMW ECU must have a tune package ( Fuel map + Ignition Map ) specifically written for E85 fuels!

Even Though These EV6 Injectors are officially approved by Bosch to be used with ethanol
fuels ( up to E85 ) the fuel itself can not be left sitting in the injectors for a long period of time.
Do not keep E85 fuel in the system for more than one week!


Part number 0280155831
Designation Injector, gasoline
Type formula EV6E
Static Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 237.2 g/min ( 339cc/min )
Resistance 12.00 Ohm