Bosch EV6 Ethanol E85 Fuel Injectors BMW E34 M5 3.6/3.8 , E36 M3 3.0/3.2 replacement for Bosch


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Quick overview


For sale a set of 6 Genuine Bosch EV6 upgrade Fuel injectors to be used with E85 ethanol Fuel .
These Genuine Bosch top quality fuel injectors will be ideal choice when upgrading your fuel system
to run on ethanol fuel ( E85 ) To be used in S50B30/B32, and S38B36/B38 M power engines.

These will add at least 30%+ extra fuel over your originals ( Bosch 0280150701, 0280150792 )

Please Note:

These injectors will not fit stock engine

Special E85 Fuel Map is needed to run these injectors

We only sell the injectors!



Part number 0280155831
Designation Injector, gasoline
Type formula EV6E
Static Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 237.2 g/min ( 339cc/min )
Resistance 12.00 Ohm