Bosch 0280155830/ BMW upgrade Turbo 373cc injectors genuine Bosch injectors


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A set of 6 Fully reconditioned, ultrasonically cleaned Bosch 0280155830 fuel injectors to Fit Turbo or Supercharged applications.
There are tons of fake cheap copies of these on the market these genuine Bosch! These injectors would ideally suit M50/52/54 family BMW engines and many other 6 cylinder engines.
This is EV6E Bosch injectors with V-Shaped two cone spray pattern ( 25deg )
Technical Information for: 0 280 155 830 Injector, gasoline
Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 261 g/min (373 cc/min)
Total resistance 12 Ohm

Additional information

Flow rate

261g/min ( 373cc/min)

Resistance (Ohm)

12 Ohm