Range Rover I V8 3.5L Classic NEW Genuine Bosch Replacement Fuel injectors

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For sale is one set of eight ( you get 8 injectors for the price as pictured ) Genuine Bosch Replacement Fuel Injectors for fit Range Rover Series I V 8 engine ( flapper type )
Original Brand New Set of Genuine Bosch Fuel Injectors! Top-quality Genuine Bosch! These are not Chinese Replicas!

These are hose type injectors that came with the very first electronic fuel injection models in the 80s

These are plug&play replacement injectors of the originals and replace Bosch Number 0280150105


LAND ROVER GROUP Range Rover I 3.5 V8F-EFI 01.1987 – 09.1990


Part number 0280150118
Designation Injector, gasoline
Type formula EV6E
Flow rate 3 bar/min, N-heptane 143 g/min ( 205cc/min )
Resistance 2.4 Ohm